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       There is something about the scent of fresh herbs that stirs something deep inside.  Brush your hand against a warm sprig of rosemary and the smell is relaxing, yet it excites the senses.  Herbs work at the cellular level.  Just ask any bee!

When we have a reverence for the Earth and respect for the native plants that have healed humans and animals of the ages, we find that we have everything we need to be happy.

This is the place you've dreamed ofa cute, ivy green bungalow next to a clear stream.

Sit at Aunt Betty and Uncle Clyde's bay window and watch the hummingbirds darting through the monarda.
You might see the wild turkey family strolling in the soybean field.

This is for those who appreciate wisteria and sunshine... and bird song and the patchwork planted fields of Sugarloaf, Pennsylvania.
Generations of Zehners have sown this valley with crops of corn, potatoes and grain.

Our beloved Grandfather Clyde Zehner, Sr; was a conservationist, a Renaissance man with several careers. His parents, John and Minnie built the bungalow in Sugarloaf and raised pigs and turkeys. Minnie made incredible quilts, full of creativity and color. They taught their only child to love and respect the land. Clyde, Sr. grew up with a thirsting curiosity and attention to detail. As a boy, he recited poetry and became comfortable with public speaking. This training helped when he worked with the state agriculture program to spread the ideas of crop rotation and contour plowing.

I am so proud to follow in the farming tradition. Although not close to the scale of my grandparents, it satisfies my soul. It is the best job in the world.



Clyde and Louise Zehner

Sugarloaf Herb Farm
PO Box 176
Olyphant, PA 18447


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